Standard / Confort Double Studio

36 / 39./ night

  • The price per double Standard Studio/night is 36 Euro

    The price per double Confort Studio/night is 39 Euro

Standard / Confort Single Studio

29 / 31./ night

  • The price per single Standard Studio/night is 29 Euro

    The price per single Confort Studio/night is 31 Euro

Minimum 2 Nights package

./ minimum 2 nights


    Price per minimum package of 2 nights at weekend / double room > please ask for offer to the reception!

Packages for New Year, Christmas, Easter, Vacations



    Please ask to the reception for personalized offer!

Customers loyalty is rewarded with an additional price reduction.

Long-term accommodation (over 3 months, 6 months, one year) will also be rewarded with a considerable price reduction.


To the reception you will pay also the local taxes.